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INTERAMERICAN Hellenic Life Insurance Company S.A.

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Graduation ceremony for KETHEA members

24.07.2012 Share

"It's not important how you fall, it's how you get up!", sponsored by INTERAMERICAN

The most important event of the Therapy Centre for Dependent Individuals (KETHEA), the graduation of rehabilitated members that participated in the Centre's therapy programmes throughout Greece, was organized this year by the KETHEA therapy programme "Nostos" at Veakio Theatre in Piraeus, with the sponsorship and support of INTERAMERICAN.

A total of 108 graduates took to the stage and presented the victorious message of their personal struggle: 16 from the "Nostos" programme, 18 from "Ithaki" and KYETH (Thessaloniki), 6 from "Ariadne" (Crete), 8 from "Kyttaro" (Kalamata), 2 from "Oxygono" (Patras), 13 from "Diavasi" (Athens), 6 from "En Drasi" (Athens), 11 from "Paremvasi" (Athens), 5 from "Strofi" (Athens) and 3 from KETHEA Ioannina. As the speakers - heads of the programmes stressed, framing the moment with their moving words, the victors of this effort are models of persistence and faith in life in this exceptionally difficult period of crisis, during which social resistance is being tried on many levels. Graduates and speakers underlined, stressing the theme of the event's title: "It's not important how you fall, it's how you get up!"

INTERAMERICAN, which has been supporting the "Nostos" programme for several years and works with other KETHEA programmes for social welfare actions within the framework of its "Actions of Life" programme sponsored the graduation event for the first time, as it had been a regular supporter of the annual KETHEA festival in Piraeus to date.

The head of the KETHEA therapy programme "Nostos", Mr. Vassilis Gitakos, stressed that they expect the graduation of another 113 members during the second half of the year, who have not used drugs for a minimum of three years, have committed no unlawful acts and have regained their life with dignity and respect.