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South Pole: Net Zero is the name of the game

13.11.2020 Share

Industrial agricultural practices — especially enormous monocultures — have degraded farmland across Europe. As well as impacting farm performance, this affects the amount of carbon that is stored in the soil. Our project works with farms in Belgium and France to grow a mix of crops on mineral soils to regenerate farmland.

After decades of glacially slow steps to address the climate emergency, it’s make or break time. With an avalanche of Net Zero commitments by companies and governments around the world and bolstered by the recent US election victory, we are seeing signs of hope.

We welcome this – but we are wary of Net Zero commitments without concrete, step-by-step milestones to get there. We are still not seeing action on a scale that will move us fast enough towards a climate-resilient future. 

We believe that a transition to a zero-carbon economy is not only beneficial for the environment but it also makes financial sense, and we have prepared an accessible roadmap for those who want to start this journey.

Actions large and small are already coming together to create a giant wave for change: From eBay’s climate neutral products to Aldo’s climate neutral footwear to EESL’s investment in electric motorcycles using solar-powered, swappable batteries, we are working with important companies and organizations globally to get on a low carbon pathway.

Wishing you a climate action-packed month ahead,

Isabel Hagbrink
Director of Communications

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Article and photo source: Press Release / Newsletter