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Social Value International: Using self-reported data for Impact Measurement

13.06.2019 Share

The Impact Management Project has published a brand new report.

To improve impact performance, enterprises (and their investors) need access to high-quality data on what positive and negative impacts are occurring. Surveying key stakeholders directly is a quick and efficient way of collecting this data – which can then be used to guide decisions.

In this new guide – supported by Omidyar Network and in partnership with 60 Decibels,Keystone Accountability and us at Social Value International – the IMP explores how surveying can be used to collect data for each of the five dimensions of impact.

Drawing on insights from a range of tried-and-tested survey questions, this guide is intended as a practical tool to help organisations develop their own surveys. The data this yields can then be used alongside other non-self-reported data to gain a better understanding of what impact is occurring – both positive and negative – and how performance can be improved to ensure stakeholder expectations are being met.

Download the report here.