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INTERAMERICAN Hellenic Life Insurance Company S.A.

INTERAMERICAN Hellenic Life Insurance Company S.A.

Member: Gold
Since: 05.07.2007
Part of Achmea

350, Syngrou Avenue, GR-176 74 Kallithea, Athens, Greece

INTERAMERICAN a pioneer in agricultural insurance

15.04.2016 Share

George Kotsalos, CEO of INTERAMERICAN, recently announced the company’s intention to insurance activities in the agricultural sector. Given the importance of agriculture to the Greek economy and the inherent insurance risks, Mr Kotsalos noted that INTERAMERICAN will be entering the sector with cautious steps. He added that the company has a significant advantage due to the know-how of its shareholders - the Dutch company ACHMEA - which has agricultural roots dating back to over 200 years.Initially, the company aims at covering contract farmers in cooperation with food processing companies, agricultural cooperatives and banks. 

INTERAMERICAN insurance programmes will supplement the existing coverage provided by the Hellenic Organization of Agricultural Insurances (ELGA). Thousands of farmers have becoming involved in contract farming and INTERAMERICAN will insure buildings and installations, greenhouses, crops, cargo, vehicles, machinery and third party liabilities. The company is also considering offering livestock insurance in a subsequent phase. The potential market for agricultural insurances is significant and is inexorably linked to the growth of contract farming.

Source: "HeDA News"