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Since: 04.02.2020

Georgiou Mpakou 3, Psychiko, 115 24 Athens, Greece

Company’s Profile

“YAVA Fitness Centers” Group, is the largest multi-training fitness network all around Greece, with presence in 50 locations, while in the last two years, the Group’s activities have expanded abroad.

 “YAVA Fitness Centers” continue to implement a dynamic investment plan, with strategic partnerships and creating new and innovative fitness, health and wellness premises.

YAVA group, which remains competitive and internationally successful, has managed to consolidate its presence in the country after having been established in the fitness-conscious consumers as an equal of quality, innovative and affordable fitness services. At the same time, YAVA constantly invests in innovative training methods and enriching its activities by instantly integrating every innovation.

Human resources of “YAVA Fitness Centers” are selected through rigorous procedures. They consist of certified and qualified trainers and athletes, with high training education and passion for fitness, who keep up to date with the latest developments in the field.