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Vassiliko Cement Works Public Company Ltd.

Member: Gold
Since: 06.07.2006

1A Kyriakos Matsis Avenue, P.O. Box 22281, CY - 1519 Nicosia, Cyprus


Our Company

Vassiliko Cement Works was established in 1963 and the production plant became fully operational in 1967. Acknowledging the advantages of the proximity to the sea, the Company constructed the port of Vassiliko in 1984, operating since then without any interruption, and offering optimal services to the Company's international customers and facilitating the import of raw materials. The Company’s shares are listed in Cyprus Stock Exchange since 1996.

Our vision

Our vision is to stand out as a successful company underpinned on the principles that focus on Respect and Social Contribution.

Our mission

Quality lies at the heart of our activities; therefore, coping with the challenges of continuous and innovative growth is part of our daily work. Our commitment to environmental respect, to support our people and the local communities shall be characterized by transparency and the clearly evidenced effectiveness of our practices.


Five values lie at the heart of the Company's business operation when pursuing its objectives. These values not only they define the Company and its business activities, but also guide the daily activities of its people: 

Respect the human entity around which an organisation grows and survives.
We remain sincere and honest in all our actions.
Health & Safety
A working environment where people’s prosperity takes precedence.
The environmental protection is a priority across all stages of our operations.
We go beyond our customers’ expectations, taking into consideration the new standards, without making any compromise.

Our Company's strategy is the ongoing strengthening of competitiveness and the enhancement of a culture for Corporate Social Responsibility, Sensitization and Respect to the Environment and the People. The company’s key objective is continuing research and investigation of new technologies to improve our products.

Within the framework of the technological upgrading, the Company introduces new automation systems and applies preventive maintenance procedures that maximise the Utilization Factor of the production units. 

Sustainable Development

The Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of Vassiliko operation. It is underpinned on the mindset governing the Company's business activity and, on the initiatives, aimed at upgrading the living conditions, the cultural level and the environmental protection. At Vassiliko Cement Works, we share a common vision in carrying out our activities, adhering to the code of ethics and to a socially responsible way of action. Sustainability represents a valuable tool for building a relationship of trust with all stakeholders: customers, shareholders, associates, local and other communities. Through our established dialogue with our social partners we try to comprehend the importance attached to various issues regarding the Company's activity with the aim of a better response and harmonization of our actions with our corporate values and principles.