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Alpha Bank S.A.

Member: Gold
Since: 29.08.2007

40, Stadiou Street, GR-102 52 Athens, Greece


Social Responsibility
Social responsibility is part of the governance and corporate culture developed through a system of values, targets and activities.

Each individual and the respect of human values are the absolute priority for Alpha Bank. Together with the efficient management of the financial resources and the modernisation of technology, they constitute the guide for every transaction or communication with staff, customers and shareholders. These three factors are the basis of our success.

Alpha Bank, within this context of contributing rewards social well being, takes measures in favour of human resources and the working environment, the preservation of nature, the social and cultural life.

In this part of our website you will obtain information on how Alpha Bank activates aiming at building a better community.

Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance is a system of principles underlying the organisation, operation and administration of an incorporated company, aiming to secure and satisfy the legal interests of all those who are connected with the company in the context of corporate interest.

Alpha Bank adopted and implemented, as early as 1994, the principles of corporate governance, aiming at transparency in communication with the Bank’s Shareholders and the prompt and continuous information of investing public.

In this context, the Bank has proceeded to the separation of the Chairman´s duties from those of the Managing Director, following standards applied in many other countries abroad and in accordance with the prevailing trend in the European Union. Furthermore, the Bank has established a Compliance Division and adopted a Code of Ethics for the performance of services with the purpose to promote the standards required by modern corporate governance and to enhance the efficiency of rules on Internal Audit.

Social Contribution
Alpha Bank’s social contribution fulfils its business activity. Through a structured sponsoring programme and in collaboration with its Personnel, Alpha Bank supports the local communities so as to reach higher levels of sustainability while achieving closer bonds with the community, the authorities, the NGOs, the clients and other stakeholders.

The contribution is not only financial but it also includes the provision of books, infrastructure and supervisory material etc. to schools, libraries or associations throughout Greece. These initiatives cannot be presented in detail due to their large number and only a small part is included in the Bank's Corporate Social Responsibility Report. However, they may be presented grouped in the following categories:

  • Culture
  • Society
  • Sports
  • Environment
  • Education

Alpha Bank Volunteer Day
May 23 - Alpha Bank Volunteer Day
7 Countries, 37 actions carried out in tandem, 1,639 volunteers

Together, the vision becomes action!

With the aim of further increasing the sensitisation of the Group's human resources to social and environmental matters and in line with its Corporate Social Responsibility policy, Alpha Bank has named the last Sunday of May, ''ALPHA BANK VOLUNTEER DAY'' starting with this year.

On 23 May 2009, groups of volunteers composed of Bank Personnel and members of their families participated in a number of social and environmental actions in Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria and the FYROM, thus promoting team effort and collaboration.

Culture - Sports
The Bank participates actively in cultural life by supporting activities aimed at preserving and disseminating Greek culture. For a number of years now Alpha Bank has been showing in practice its interest in Art and Culture, not only by providing financial assistance to related events but also through the Bank’s programmes and Collections.

Visit the new website of Alpha Bank for cultural issues at: