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Institute of Directors, India

IOD: Answering the Demand for Responsible Finance

From: 20.09.2021 To: 20.09.2021 Share

As the drive for business leaders to have ESG at the heart of their business intensifies, how do businesses find the responsible lenders that will both help them grow their business, but also support their employees, the planet and society. This session focuses on how providers are meeting the increased appetite for more responsible and sustainable finance.

As we move into the recovery for SMEs, one of the key parts of that recovery will be building back a stronger more resilient business that has strong ESG principles at the heart.

Which is why we will be joined by a panel whose companies are at the forefront of the move towards responsible lending, providing a variety of new lending options that puts inclusion, community, and climate at the heart of their approval criteria. We’ll be discussing what’s driving their focus on responsible lending; the obstacles to and opportunities for wider adoption and their views on what it’s going to take to create real and sustainable change.


Date & time: 20 Sep 2021 18:00 - 19:00
Location: Online webinar, Online
Prices: No Charge.
Event manager: Member Relationship Manager: Shak HakimContact
phone: 020 8142 8835Contact

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