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Global Sustain and Carbon Trade Exchange announce strategic partnership

23.09.2020 Share

Global Sustain and Carbon Trade Exchange announce strategic partnership

Changing the dynamics of CSR and ESG’s 

Global Sustain and Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX) announce a strategic alliance that takes corporate action towards climate change one step further. The mutual collaboration is designed to streamline and report direct Climate Finance Action to Global Sustain members internationally.

CTX, which has been operating since 2009 in the voluntary carbon market, is the only truly Global exchange platform which has transacted over 100 Million carbon credits and is a truly wholesale market for companies, corporations, brokers and financial institutions. CTX was designed specifically to provide a comprehensive choice for the offset step; the ability to select projects by a range of parameters to build an offset portfolio online; perform full due diligence online; demonstrate competitive, transparent pricing; and purchase securely in real time with zero delivery or counterparty risk.

Regarding the mutual benefits, Global Sustain offers CTX gold membership including all on-line and off-line services, as well as the opportunity to accommodate as speaker at the Sustainability Forum 2020 in Athens Wayne Sharpe, Founder of CTX,  among other networking opportunities.

CTX offers Global Sustain 50% discount to all its members for year 1 and all following years, subject to minimum trades of 10,000 tonnes per member per annum.

Moreover, Global Sustain will benefit from services such as: Carbon Trade Exchange Membership, Carbon Credit Procurement, Carbon Credit Storage, and Carbon Credit Retirement.

Wayne Sharpe, Founder of CTX, said: “We’re delighted that CTX and Global Sustain join forces to address new global challenges and grow the market for climate neutrality, changing the dynamics of CSR and ESG’s.”

Michael Spanos, Managing Director of Global Sustain quoted: “This agreement is a great opportunity for all our partners and stakeholders to invest in climate action and be a part of a change by engaging in emission reduction activities.”

About Global Sustain Group
Global Sustain Group (with presence in Athens, Berlin, Brussels, London, Nicosia and New York), is signatory member of PRI, Global Compact, supporter of TCFD and Data Partner of GRI, has significant expertise, experience, track record in ESG/SRI, TCFD etc. topics regarding trainings as well as strategy, ESG integration, reporting, etc. Global Sustain knows deep both the investment, equity funds, financial, banking as well as the corporate world from ESG/SRI financial and sustainability perspective, delivering best ESG/SRI practices and knowing both the situation in developed and emerging markets.

About Carbon Trade Exchange
Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX) is the first and still the only truly global electronic exchange for the voluntary carbon market, operating successfully for over ten years, over which time well in excess of 100 Million tonnes of CO2 reductions certified by the major international standards have been securely transacted by corporates, project developers, brokers and NGOs.

CTX offers a comprehensive, transparent and secure electronic marketplace for buyers and sellers of certified CDM CER’s , Gold Standard VCU’s and Verra Verified Carbon Standard VERs . CTX supports the legislation emerging global requiring carbon reporting and reductions or offsets  and maintains a strategic partnership with Greenstone t help major corporations measure and repot to comply