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Global Good Awards: Register For 2020 GGA Virtual Ceremony

From: 02.09.2020 To: 02.09.2020 Share

The virtual event will be held on September 2nd 11:30 - 16:15

Press Release

Thank you all for your patience and input whilst we’ve been navigating a new world of virtual events! We’ve finally decided on an early September date; so here are the details! We’ll be using award-winning audience engagement software, Glisser to deliver a virtual event packed with interactive content, webinars, polls and quizzes with prizes to be won!

Wed 2nd September

First Webinar: 11:30-12:30
Second Webinar: 13:30-14:30
Ceremony: 15:00-16:15 approx.


We hope that these webinars will be the first in a series of hard-hitting trending topics that will get some a little uncomfortable in their seats! They will be disruptive - would you expect any less from us? -  and speakers will be well briefed to deliver implementable actions; sending delegates away with real takeaways. There’ll be no greenwashing, no back-slapping and no heavy sales pitches. Our key objective is to offer those attending the live webinar an ‘introductory group consultancy session’ on a series of #GlobalGood topics. What’s more, if you join in, you’ll get to vote on what topics you want covered next!

One of the topics on 2nd September will ‘The Environmental Impact of Digital’. Did you know that with every search on the internet, every email you send, every video you stream there is a cost to our planet? This session will cover some ‘easy wins’ to help you reduce your digital impact and we’ll touch on some Scope 1, 2 and 3 reductions too. More to follow in due course!

What would YOU like the second webinar to focus on? Would you or a colleague like to be involved? Let us know…

Book your places

To book your places, click here. Click on the link at the bottom and you’ll find a ‘Sponsors & Judges’ £0.00 ticket option.

Although we’re not limiting numbers for free/inclusive sponsors/partners places, it would be really appreciated if you could share the details of the webinars with anyone you know who may be interested and if you’re in a position to buy an additional ticket for someone else in your organisation, it will really help us in what’s been a tough year. People can take part in the webinars for just £29. Not free, no…but hopefully you’ll have read why from the description above.

Article and Image Source: From Press Release