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Ethical Corporation

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Ethical Corporation: Sustainable Mining and Sustainable Transport briefings

12.11.2019 Share

This month, we have two in-depth briefings that are both vitally important to us achieving the Paris Accord.

Sustainable Mining – our first management-briefing takes a deep dive into efforts to clean up the production of minerals that are critical to the energy transition. As the role of mining becomes increasingly important, due to the rapid rise in renewable energy and EVs, we look at how the industry is facing increasing pressure from investors – and their innovative actions to address key issues, including the use of blockchain. Including analysis of; ICMM, IBM, Minespider, BanQu and World Gold Council to name a few.

Sustainable Transport – the second briefing highlights progress in overcoming some of the biggest challenges on the road to more sustainable transport. There’s analysis of the next generation of bioenergy and the prospects of decarbonizing road transport using hydrogen. Insights into how the net-zero emissions targets in UK and France are helping to drive the regulations and incentives needed to finally take low-carbon transport technology to scale. There’s also reportage on India’s ambitions to electrify road transport. The briefing features insights from; LanzaTech, SkyNRG, KLM, Toyota and Mahindra Group to name a few.