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Educational Briefing of 150,000 students from the Prolepsis Institute

24.07.2019 Share

Approximately 150,000 students and 822 elementary schools in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patra, and Crete, observed the talks titled, “ Learning about fruit, vegetables, and milk”. They were part of the 3,133 lectures given by the Prolepsis Institute this year.

These presentations constitute a training measure of the educational program, whose backbone rests on three principles: the distribution of meals (fruit, vegetables, and milk throughout schools), nutritional education, agriculture and pasturage and their promotin in specific target groups, such as children, parents, and educators. The Prolepsis Institute implemented the project in collaboration with GEFSINOUS SA, who was responsible for the educational measure, “Live Cooking Demonstration in Schools.”

During the lectures, dieticians and nutritionists introduced students to the nutritional significance of fruits, vegetables, milk, and dairy products and informed them about the fundamentals of a healthy diet and the value of physical activity for a healthy lifestyle. The presentation included not only the use of audiovisual material, but also the display of real fruits and vegetables to the audience.