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European Reliance General Insurance Company S.A.

European Reliance General Insurance Company S.A.

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Since: 14.04.2008

274, Kifissias Avenue, GR-152 32 Chalandri, Athens, Greece

European Reliance: The Company’s Seminars for the Sales Network have been successfully completed

10.04.2019 Share

European Reliance completed a series of seminars for its Sales Network throughout Greece.

The Seminars attended more than 2,000 insurance agents of European Reliance General Insurance Co. S.A., top Insurance Brokers and Insurance Agents in Greece, that had the opportunity to attend informative and educational lectures and discussions.

European Reliance is a leading force in the insurance sector, a Company with zero bank debt and zero loans and has selected its Insurance Intermediaries to be a necessary tool for the development of the insurance activities.

Within this strategic framework and by staying loyal to its commitment for further activation in the industry with the support of the Insurance Intermediators, European Reliance organized these seminars throughout Greece, to stay close to its Insurance Agents and provide them with knowledge and support, to be able to respond to the needs of the modern insurance market.

At the Seminars were presented interesting topics that concerned two new insurance programs, “the Private Pension System” and “Family Care 2”, the practical support of the Company towards its Sales Network, the worth of the Insurance Intermediary in this new digital era and the change of the sales system and strategies.

During the end of the Seminars the Company held an award ceremony for the top Insurance Agents in 2018.

With the completion of these Seminars throughout Greece, European Reliance proved once again that is present and stands close to its Insurance Agents, ensuring the provision of constant update and education for the Sales Network.