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Ethical Corporation: Why NGOs love Allianz, Axa and Swiss Re and are sharply divided on Nestlé

01.02.2019 Share

The past week there’s been a lot of focus on the actions and discussion points (or lack of discussion) by CEOs at this year’s Davos. One area that has been under the spotlight has been the actions of CEOs that in many respects counter their public commitments that state climate action is a core focus for them and their business.

In a newly published ranking by the NGO SIGWATCH several companies receive praise for their actions on climate, whilst others are found lacking. Robert Blood, MD at SIGWATCH, explains why three insurance firms outperform nearly all others in terms of praise by NGOs.

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The Responsible Business Summit New York (18-19 March, New York) – We have now finalised the timed agenda for our flagship US event. Featuring more workshops and informal networking, this event will ensure you meet and discuss the key issues impacting the future of sustainable business. Click here to access the timed agenda

The Responsible Business Summit Europe (10-12 June, London) – we’re excited to announce that Ovais Sarmad, Deputy Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change will be leading a keynote address at the event. To see a full list of the current speakers, simply click here

And finally Ethical Corporation and The Climate Group have announced a partnership for the Responsible Business Summit New York 2019. The partnership will provide The Climate Group with a multi-media platform to share its and its members’ leading work through the initiatives RE100 (renewable power), EP100 (energy productivity), EV100 (electric vehicles) with Ethical Corp’s global community. For more information click here