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European Commission: The inclusive green economy in EU development cooperation

15.10.2018 Share

The European Commission Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development just released a new Reference Document  in the Tools and Methods series, entitled The inclusive green economy in EU development cooperation – An innovative approach at the intersection of the EU’s Planet, People and Prosperity objectives.

The document responds to calls for more guidance on the green economy and on lessons learnt, received during the recent evaluation of EU international cooperation on sustainable consumption and production. It aims to promote a better understanding of the green economy, give policy and operational guidance and present best practices. 

This document provides definitions and explains the rationale for cooperation on green economy, in line with EU policies and the growing interest in partner countries. It presents options to support the green economy through dedicated interventions and integration of green economy issues across relevant sectors while providing the relevant references and tools.

As such, it contributes to the implementation of the new European Consensus on Development, which calls on the EU and its Member States to promote resource efficiency and sustainable consumption and production (SCP) with focus on decoupling economic growth from environmental degradation by encouraging the transition to a circular economy.