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OTE: The 2019 Pan-Hellenic Educational Robotics Competition begins

12.10.2018 Share

  • COSMOTE invests into children for a better world for all
  • Organized by WRO Hellas with COSMOTE as strategic partner
  • Application submissions until 31/01/19 at
Registrations for the 2019 Pan-Hellenic Educational Robotics Competition are now open for Primary, Junior High and Senior High Schools students. A new pilot category for Kindergarten children is included for the first year. Competition is organized by the Non-Profit Organization for Educational Robotics and Science, WRO Hellas along with COSMOTE as strategic partner.

For fifth consecutive year, thousands of students from all over the country will collaborate, compete, develop and suggest solutions for the country and the planet. The fascinating "journey" of knowledge for the children and their teachers will last for 5 months, until the finals in February. 

"COSMOTE invests in educational robotics as we believe that children are the basis for a better world. Through innovation and technology, we can improve our daily lives and find solutions for the challenges that humanity faces. Therefore, it is important new generations to familiarize with the technological trends of our era. I am very pleased that already, more than 12 thousand children in Greece have got involved and loved robotics. I believe that this number will constantly rise", stated the OTE Group Chief Commercial Officer Consumer Segment, Mr. Kostas Nebis.

Mr. Ioannis Somalakidis, President of WRO Hellas stated, "Every year, more and more students in Greece turn to educational robotics. Through robotics, they can understand in depth main principles of natural sciences principles, mathematics and programming. Moreover, they are taught to work in teams, implement projects and solve problems, skills which are necessary for the 21st century. Our goal is for all of Greek children to get involved with STEM education and technology, as per the example of other technologically and economically advanced countries".

Competition theme categories

Students, teachers and professors participating from 13 Regions of Greece, will compete at the following themes:
  • For Kindergarten kids (age 4-5): "A walk in my city" (new pilot category)
  • For Primary School students (aged 8-12): "Aegean Sea: technology enables growth in islands" and ‘Football 2x2" (core categories) – "Mars Colonization" (aside category).
  • For Junior High School students (aged 13-15): "The wine road in Northern Greece" (core category) and "Biathlon+1" (pilot category for Junior and Senior High School students)
  • For Senior High School students (aged 16-18): "Smart Cities" (core category), "Biathlon+1" (pilot category for Junior and Senior High School students)
As per previous years, the teachers, who will prepare students' teams for the competition, will participate in intensive seminars and workshops for free, provided by WRO Hellas under the scientific diligence of STEM Education.  

Participants may submit their applications at until 31st January 2019.

The significance of STEM educational method

Educational Robotics, based on STEM educational method (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), facilitates students towards a better understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Educational innovation may enable progress and development. It is important for students to acquire skills, such as team working and project implementation that emphasizes in problem solving, that are necessary to confront future challenges in labor market[i]. STEM educational method is necessary, since the knowledge of Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics is significant for developing professions, according to the findings of a relevant research in U.S.

Communication Sponsor: COSMOTE ΤV