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UN Global Compact: New Action Platform brings public and private sectors together

03.10.2018 Share

UN Global Compact to engage businesses in promoting peaceful, just and inclusive societies

New Action Platform brings public and private sectors together to advance Sustainable Development Goal 16 on peace, justice and strong institutions

The United Nations Global Compact launched a new Action Platform to engage businesses to advance Sustainable Development Goal 16 on promoting peace, justice and strong institutions.

The launch, which took place on the margins of the 73rd regular session of the United Nations General Assembly and the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit, was hosted by Baker McKenzie and attended by around 100 business leaders, Government officials and civil society organizations.

The Action Platform is a two-year programme bringing together business, Governments, civil society and UN agencies to combine their efforts towards achieving a peaceful and inclusive society for sustainable development, the provision of justice for all, and effective and accountable institutions at all levels.

During the concept phase of the Action Platform it was identified that — while the targets under Goal 16 are inherently the duty of Governments to achieve — there is a strong case for responsible businesses to assist in this effort.

The new UN Global Compact Progress Report identifies SDG 16 as one of the furthest behind, with only 22 per cent of companies reporting to have taken action on it.

“Peace, justice and strong institutions are the foundation for businesses and societies to succeed and to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals,” said Lise Kingo, CEO & Executive Director of the UN Global Compact. “That said, as the Progress Report findings show, it can sometimes be difficult to understand concretely how these concepts directly relate to the private sector and their corporate strategies, operations and relationships. Our new Action Platform seeks to address this challenge.”

The Action Platform has already garnered support from several businesses in sectors ranging from law to energy to consumer goods.

“We firmly believe that business cannot operate effectively in a world hampered by poverty, inequality, conflict and environmental deterioration,” said Paul Rawlinson, Global Chair at Baker McKenzie, a founding patron of the Action Platform. “In particular, we recognize that the rule of law is an essential foundation for economic growth and development. We see our investment in these efforts as not only good business, but the right thing to do.”

“The launch of this Action Platform is a crucial step to build and leverage partnerships to progress Goal 16,” said Ricardo Cortés-Monroy, Senior Vice President & Group General Counsel at Nestlé, another founding patron. “Advancing the cause of peace, justice and strong institutions is not just an aim in itself, but key to assure a strong basis for all other SDGs. It is an underlying enabler to deliver on the 2030 Agenda, and Nestlé is proud to be part of it.”

From now until 2020, the Action Platform will provide a forum for dialogue that results in action towards improving accountability, integrity and transparency within businesses and the countries in which they operate. The Action Platform will provide global standards in understanding, implementing and reporting on business engagement in advancing peace, justice and strong institutions and will explore global trends related to Goal 16 that require responsible advocacy, agenda setting and commitment to action by businesses, Governments and civil society alike.

This Action Platform is the newest in the UN Global Compact stable of Action Platforms, which covers many of the other SDGs — see a full list here.