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Ethical Corporation

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Ethical Corporation: Holding the human rights frontier in a borderless internet

10.10.2018 Share

The digital world is relatively new and increasingly it’s becoming evident that it’s brought a whole raft of new issues to understand and address. Unethical data-mining, freedom of expression, hate speech, inclusive AI and fake news are just a few issues that companies are having to grapple with.

This month’s magazine issue takes an in-depth look at the key digital issues and challenges impacting corporations across the globe. A feature piece within the briefing is analysis of how initiatives like the Internet Commission and GNI Principles are trying to help companies grapple with the key human rights risks from a digitalised-world.

Click here to access the analysis piece.

This month we’ve made the October issue of the magazine available as a complimentary download. You can download a free copy of the magazine here.

Other analysis pieces from this in-depth briefing includes:

Sponsored feature

Humans are not just the problem; they are the solution to climate change – In a newly published opinion piece Karen O'Brien, co-founder of cCHANGE, argues that after decades of trying to engage people with solutions to climate change, it’s time to go beyond behaviour change and recognise people as agents of change, rather than objects to be changed. Well worth a read!

Event updates

We are in the final stages of production for our 7th Annual Responsible Business Summit New York 2019 and our flagship 18th Annual Responsible Business Summit Europe 2019. Both events are taking an exciting direction to bring in more key companies and departments to the discussion – to help accelerate the transformation that’s afoot.