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OTE Group of Companies

OTE Group of Companies

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99 Kifissias Ave, Maroussi, 15124 Athens, Greece

OTE Group: Sustainable development for economy, society and environment

20.07.2017 Share

The Sustainability Report 2016 has been published

Through its recently published Sustainability Report 2016, OTE Group presents its contribution to the Greek economy, the society and the environment, as well as to Greece’s digital transformation. The vision of OTE Group is to contribute to a better world for everyone, through technology and innovation.

The Report is available, only online, at, where OTE Group’s 2016 strategy and performance on Sustainable Development, based on the five new action pillars are presented in a concise way.

Digital Society

With more than 2 billion euros invested in new generation networks in Greece over the last 6 years and another 1,5 billion euros to be invested until 2020, OTE Group leads the digital transformation of the country Greece. In 2016 investments reached 653 million euros in Greece and abroad.

By using cutting edge technologies, OTE Group is developing advanced products and services, that change customer experience and advanced ICT solutions that support business progress. In 2016 the innovative solutions COSMOTE Business IT Solutions, were enriched with new applications in the sector of Smart Cities, Telemedicine, e-Energy and e-Tourism.

Moreover, OTE Group is supporting research and innovation by participating in relevant projects in collaboration with other organizations. In 2016, it has participated in 23 research projects for advanced solutions, like 5G, the Cloud and the Internet of Things 

A Better World for Everyone

Acknowledging the increasing needs of the Greek society, OTE Group stands by the vulnerable social groups, while supporting the education, the entrepreneurship, the local societies, the culture and sports. In 2016, despite the challenging environment, OTE Group further increased its social contribution to more than 3,6 million euros. More than 1 million people in Greece have benefited from the Group’s initiatives.

The creation of 3 Trauma Centers and the equipment of Pediatric Units where over 85.000 children have been given care until today, as well as the program "Access to the Digital World" and Educational Robotics, for the development of the digital skills of elderly people and children respectively are among the outstanding programs.

Responsible Work and Development

The goal of OTE Group is to offer people a safe and creative work environment, opportunities for growth and education. In this context, in 2016, over 10.000 participations of employees in educational programs were recorded. At the same time for spreading digital culture, more than 190.00 hours of e-learning courses took place. 

Sustainable Environment for All

OTE Group steadily reduces its environmental footprint and integrates the principles of circular economy into its activities, while developing products and services supporting environment protection. Also, aiming to the treatment of climatic change, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions resulting from its operation and limits its needs of in electricity use.

In 2016 the Group recycled 90% of the waste produced by its activities, while, by using digital applications saved over 200 tons of paper. In addition, it improved the efficiency of electricity usage by 20% per volume of data transfer.

Responsible Entrepreneurship

The responsible operation of OTE Group and its goals for the sustainable development are imprinted in the processes, policies and mechanisms developed to address corporate risks and business continuity, manage regulatory compliance issues, human rights, data privacy, safe use of technology, quality and responsible supply and supply chain.

The Sustainability Report of OTE Group has been edited «in accordance» with the core Sustainability Reporting Guidelines GRI G4.

Empowered by technology and the power of its people OTE Group carries on applying its vision for a better world for everyone.