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Eurobank Ergasias S.A.

Member: Gold
Since: 07.07.2011

20, Amalias Avenue & 5, Souri Street, GR-105 57 Athens, Greece

Corporate Responsibility

Transparency, credibility and accountability are fundamental Corporate Governance principles within Eurobank’s modern corporate and social environment.The Corporate Governance Code and best international practices applied safeguard the interests of all stakeholders. 

Eurobank’s employees are considered its key priority and competitive advantage. The systematic development and effective management of its employees are decisive factors for the Bank’s efficient operation, development and successful performance. 

Building trustful relationships with its Customers and constantly improving the quality of the services offered are key priorities for Eurobank. The Bank offers its customers suitable and accurate information to ensure that the products and services are easy to use, reliable and tailored to each Customer’s profile. Special care is taken to ensure the quality of procurements, while also forging efficient and transparent partnerships with Suppliers.

 Eurobank consistently and continuously invests in strategic initiatives to reinforce the outward-looking potential of Greek companies with a view to promoting healthy entrepreneurship and improving the quality of key business sectors. The Bank offers quality services to meet the needs of all its individual and business clients, as this is considered to be a key element for supporting the Greek economy. 

Eurobank is an innovator when it comes to supporting Youth Entrepreneurship initiatives by helping create sustainable employment prospects for the country's workforce, so as to prevent the brain drain phenomenon of capable and talented young people migrating abroad for work. 

Acknowledging the important role of Education, Eurobank systematically supports initiatives that promote excellence and highlight the importance of perennial values such as, learning, fair play and striving to achieve ambitious goals. 

Eurobank has launched several initiatives to support the vulnerable social groups that have been affected by the economic crisis, especially children. Forward looking, Eurobank supports significant cultural events and consistently contributes to promoting sports in Greece.