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Piraeus Bank S.A.

Member: Gold
Since: 08.04.2008

Amerikis 4, GR-105 64 Athens, Greece


In total for Group level in 2011, 25 actions were enacted, in line with the following considerations:
  • support of the institution of the family,
  • protection of children and young people (in particular orphan or underprivileged children,those suffering from severe diseases or substance abuse),
  • support of youth entrepreneurship,
  • care for the elderly,
  • protection of the environment.
A key aim of these actions is also the promotion of the spirit of volunteerism within the Group, as they are all of a volunteering nature.

Accordingly, in recognizing the actions of charitable NGOs, Piraeus Group collaborated with many of these, supported their efforts in a multitude of ways and informed its customers of the organizations’ all-important work. Among these NGO’s are the following:
  • Doctors without Borders
  • The children’s charitable organization “to Hamogelo tou Paidiou”
Furthermore, the Group supports research institutes in various ways. In 2011, the Group supported, among others:
  •  The Hellenic Heart Foundation,
  •  The Foundation for the Development of Social Work
  •  The scholarship programs of the University of Piraeus and the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Patra.
Piraeus Group subsidiaries abroad take initiatives to support actions of public benefit. Specifically, per country in 2011:
  • Albania: Tirana Bank continued its exemplary cooperation with the local Red Cross branch and the materialization of actions supporting the SOS Children’s Villages.
  • Bulgaria: Piraeus Bank Bulgaria began a collaboration with UNICEF for the promotion of the “Blagodetel” (Benefactor) campaign. The Bank created special co-branded credit and debit cards, the use of which contributed to the financial support of the work of UNICEF. For this initiative, the Bank was awarded the first prize for “Cause related marketing” at the annual competition of the Bulgaria Business Leaders Forum “Responsible Business Awards 2011”. Moreover, Piraeus Bank Bulgaria once again participated in the annual Bulgarian Careers forum, providing career opportunities to the young people of Bulgaria.
  • The USA: Marathon Bank continues to support and assist the Greek expatriates living and working in the USA.
  • Cyprus: Piraeus Bank (Cyprus) Ltd places particular emphasis on its social actions. Every year it offers scholarships to distinguished school and university students while at the same time it supports the community through its special collaborations with UNICEF, Europa Donna, the Cyprus Autistic Association and the Pancyprian Breastfeeding Association.
  • Romania: Piraeus Bank Romania is an official sponsor of the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee, for the Olympic Games in London in 2012. With specific actions, it unites the National Olympics Team with the society, reinforcing the national athletic effort for international distinction and it raffles prizes such as tickets to London for the 2012 Olympic Games.
  • Serbia: Piraeus Bank Beograd donates hospital equipment to the neonatal unit at the Kragujevac Health Center. Furthermore, in collaboration with the Serbian Ministry of Youth and Sports, it offers scholarships to distinguished university students.
Moreover, Piraeus Group international subsidiaries support all forms of art-music, painting, theatre, etc – as well as local customs and traditions with annual sponsorships. They also contribute to the maintenance and preservation of national monuments.

Further to their social contribution, these actions grant each country international recognition through the distinctions they receive from their initiatives that "go beyond borders".