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Together for Children

Member: NGO Premium
Since: 06.10.2011
Union of 10 non-profit Greek organisations

14, Ag. Thoma Street, GR-115 27 Athens, Greece


Founded in 1996, "Together for Children" is a Union of 10 non-profit Greek organisations. The Union's main aim is to offer every form of assistance to more than 5,000 infants, children and young people in need, and in particular to those facing chronic, serious or life-threatening physical or mental conditions or the sickness or death of an immediate family member.

The mission statement of this unique alliance with long standing work in its particular sector is "power through unity". The co-operation of different organisations may entail difficulties but every year we prove that these can be overcome and that through the power of unity we can succeed in our aims.

Assistance is provided through:
  • Psycological and social support 
  • Raising awareness  on children's issues
  • Co-operation with related International Institutions
  • Scientific Research