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Since: 16.01.2019

217A Kifissias Ave., 15124 Maroussi, Greece

Innovative Services

Innovation is one of the core values of WATT + VOLT, which is implemented through its products and services. 

It has high quality service means such as: 
In-house customer service, state-of- the- art automated call center (IVR) and the award-winning MyWatt customer service application that offers to the customers access to their account history, payment and customer service.

The smartwatt smart application that makes a house "smart" and fully functional even from a distance, but also the Chargespot application that gives another potential to the field of electromobility. Together they manage to provide access for every Greek citizen to the smartest current energy solutions and services, reviving the enthusiasm in the energy market. 

At WATT + VOLT, customer needs are taken into consideration and converted into products and services. A tangible example is the e-contract service. With the e-contract of WATT + VOLT, the customers have the ability to complete the process of concluding a contract for electricity from start to finish, exclusively electronically, from wherever they are, in just 5 minutes.

WATT + VOLT Energy Solutions & Services are designed in such a way as to make maximum use of energy resources and at the same time, through an integrated approach, to upgrade the level of comfort and safety of the installation and to maximize energy efficiency.

The intention to bequeath a "green" planet to future generations is the main goal and that is why it offers services and products that strengthen it. Such examples are the promotion of electromobility and the creation of the Chargespot. 

This is a pioneering service where, through the respective application, electric car users can locate the available charging points and charge easily and economically with access to over 100,000 chargers in Greece and abroad. 

But also Net Metering, a set of self-generating energy systems with energy offset, heat pump and gas boiler that helps to produce energy that returns and benefits the environment.