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TEIWM Racing

Member: Society Free
Since: 10.03.2017

Western Macedonia University of applied science, Koila Kozani, 50100 , Greece

Our Profile

In October 2014 5 active students with supervising professor Dr. Douvartzidi Savvas from the Department of Μechanical Εngineering &  industrial Design of Western Macedonia University Of Applied Sciences, decided to start something unknown and certainly not easy because there had not been any similar effort in their university. The first year the group has set up the team and did its thorough research into the Formula Student field. After that, they started  to design their  first car. Then, in the 2015-2016 season, they completed  the study and design of the first car in order to participate into the Formula Student competition, but unfortunately due to the economic problems they could not build it.

The Formula Student competition series consist of a number of international design competitions. It started being organized by SAE International since the early 1980s and the basic idea of the contest is based on the fact  that a manufacturer asks a design team to develop an open wheel Formula car. During the competition the original car of each group is being tested-examined and judged in relation to a number of factors, including both the technical characteristics and the viability of the racing vehicle as a commercial product. The team aims to build a reliable car, based on precise mechanical calculations as well as innovative design, using all available resources in the best possible way.

TEIWM Racing currently consists of 15 active students of Western Macedonia University Of Applied Sciences from  the departments of Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Design and Electrical Engineering. The team thrived in the international scientific exams and managed  to obtain a position in the international competition Formula Student Italy (FSAEI) that will take place on 17 July 2017 at the circuit Ricardo Paletti, Varano in Italy and will be the first Greek team from a Technological Education Institute that will participate with a fully built Formula Student car. This year the team designed an improved version of the first car and managed to enrich the car with better technology applications. The car became more efficient and more competitive! Its name is "Daedalus" which is derived from the Ancient Greek inventor and the verd "daedalo" which means "I work with art".