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The German Federal Association for Sustainability

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Since: 23.11.2016

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The German Federal Association for Sustainability

The German Federal Association for Sustainability is an civil society organized interest group on the level of a national non-governmental organisation (NGO) which considers itself complementary to the German Council for Sustainable Development, founded in 2001 by the Federal Government. 

In this form GFAS is the first national NGO regarding sustainability with an extended holistic approach towards economic, ecologic, social, participatory and cultural aspects of sustainable development. 

The objectives and tasks of the Federal Association are generated by the requirement to raise awareness for the term "sustainability" and its holistic impact for all economical, social, ecological, participative and cultural processes on local to global levels.

Being a member or a supporter you'll facilitate the German Federal Association for Sustainability to orientate politics, administration, society and - not least - economy at an equilibrium state. You thus help to establish long-term, responsible thinking in systemic relations.

Objectives of the Federal Association for Sustainability

Sustainability needs a lobby in the best sense. 

As an interest group the German Federal Association for Sustainability targets on giving decision-making support and talking points to decision-makers in politics, administration, economy and society both at the national as well as on an international level.

The decision-making support is mainly in the way of representations to draft laws at national and EU level, background discussions and the influence of decisions relevant to sustainable acting and sustainability in general. In numerous conversations it has become clear that the term "sustainability" is often misunderstood. This makes the BVNG to perform on basic groundwork. 

Moreover, it is a goal to integrate aspects of participation and culture in the conventional scheme of sustainable development (social aspects, economic and environmental aspects).