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Papaspirou Catering

Member: Silver
Since: 28.09.2015

15, Agias Triados Str. & Neas Zichnis Str., Acharnai, 13678 Athens, Greece


We care about the environment

Papaspirou SA has adopted a modern way of manufacturing products that conforms to the highest international standards and fully respects the environment. As part of this corporate policy, the company has built a massive storage tank with capacity of 50 tons, in which the oil is stored and then collected by a specialized company to be converted into biofuel.

In addition, all packaging components and supplies, such as cartons, boxes, paper bags and plastic cups are made of 100% recyclable materials.

We care about the society

Concern for society and social sensitivity towards people in need are core values of Papaspirou company.

The total quantity of products that is not sold by Papaspirou stores is collected on a daily basis and then given to the Social Grocery of the Municipality of Acharnes. This elaborates as a major support to people with significant welfare problems.

Moreover, the company provides sponsorships and makes donations to vulnerable social groups, clubs, associations and charities. Especially during the holiday season, as part of the Papaspirou tradition, we make donations and provide relieve and give joy to many families.

Member Of "All Together We Can" Charity