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International Hellenic University

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Since: 26.06.2015

14th km Thessaloniki – N. Moudania road, GR - 570 01 Thermi, Thessaloniki, Greece


The International Hellenic University (IHU) is the first Greek public University where programmes are taught exclusively in English. It is located in Thessaloniki, a vibrant student metropolis at the crossroads of South East Europe with the Eastern Mediterranean. 

We are focused on attracting leading academics and outstanding students from Europe and across the world. Our international teaching faculty comes from 14 countries and the international student body from 34 countries.

At the IHU we offer innovative Master’s programmes in three Schools:
  • Economics, Business Administration and Legal Studies 
  • Humanities
  • Science and Technology 
As a state University, all degrees awarded are accredited by the Government and are recognised in the European Union and internationally.

The IHU Careers Office is committed to providing professional guidance, resources, and opportunities to students to help them achieve their career aspirations on an international level. The office has adopted a student-centered philosophy according to which each student receives individual attention and support in his or her every career concern. 

The International Hellenic University offers full-scholarships to exceptional prospective students.

To be eligible for the scholarship, you need to provide evidence of academic excellence such as a first class bachelor degree or an official document from the School that you have been among the top graduates of your class.

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MSc in Environmental Management and Sustainability 

The MSc in Environmental Management and Sustainability programme is designed to offer recent graduates a thorough understanding of theory and practice in the areas of sustainable development. The programme provides graduates with a key set of skills and the real-world knowledge crucial to achieving success in their chosen career. 

Aims and objectives:
  • A deep understanding of the current status and future trends in sustainable development and social corporate responsibility. 
  • Application of environmental tools and techniques to integrate sustainable practices (economical, environmental and social concerns).
  • Adaptation to continuously increasing strictness of environmental legislation.
  • Understand the economic and social justifications for various environmental policy approaches made at different levels.
  • Innovativepollutioncontrolpractices.
  • Adaptation of strategic environmental assessment approaches in different contexts and different levels of decision making. 
  • Evaluation of environmental policies in a cost benefit analysis concept.
  • An appreciation of contemporary, sustainable tourism industry issues and challenges.
 Environmental Management is a new way of doing business!

Executive MBA

The International Hellenic University is the first Greek State University with teaching exclusively in English. The IHU Executive MBA is designed for busy professionals in order to advance their career without losing momentum. The flexible teaching timetable aims to enable students from miscellaneous backgrounds to attend classes. A variety of teaching methods are employed in order to facilitate learning, such as workshops, soft skills development sessions and business seminars. Furthermore, the programme acts as a networking tool and attracts managers from several Southeastern European countries from different industries and sectors. 

The IHU Executive MBA is a 24-month programme taught over a long weekend (including Friday) once a month, and commences every January. In total there are sixteen weekends of classes. Teaching takes place on-campus, in Thessaloniki. 

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