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International Institute for Sustainability Management, SRH Hochschule Berlin

Member: Society Free
Since: 24.03.2015

Ernst-Reuter, Platz 10, 10587 Berlin, Germany


The IISM is engaged in the development and implementation of concepts relating to sustainability that are relevant, practical and suitable for all kinds of business and organisations. A core aspect of sustainability management is it that can be a marketing instrument for strengthening the branding and public image of organizations. In order to do this successfully, organisations need to find the right mix of online marketing and traditional marketing/ communications tools. With our value initiative, WerteInitiative, we highlight important trends and make assessments about future scenarios. We develop concepts, strategies and solutions for a value-based life in business and society. We focus on promoting sustainability through the implementation of diverse processes and procedures (and their associated tools) which work well—and are at the same time sustainable. This means these tools have the appropriate structures in place to support sustainability.

Management activities – particularly sales, marketing and HRM – benefit from processes that have been optimised for sustainability. A central concern of the IISM is to develop tools that support change management, specifically for companies and organisations with active international focuses. Thus, intercultural management plays a key role.