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Member: NGO Free
Since: 02.02.2015

Likourgou 10, Chalandri, 15231 Athens, Greece

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Who we are

"Human - People" is a non-profit organization, established in June 2012. The organization’s headquarters are in Halandri, Lycurgu Street No 10. A 9 member Board of Directors whose chairman is the psychologist Mrs. Vera Messina, who inspired the idea of supporting our fellow human beings in need, manages it. 

The main purpose is to find and repair apartment buildings and independent apartments suitable for housing the homeless, families in need and individuals in cooperation with local municipalities. After having housing them in independent apartments we provide them on a weekly basis with the necessary food, also we take care for their psychological support, and to find a job, as well as to attend educational programs. The Company's goal is to show general empathy and support for people in need, raise awareness and mobilize individuals to protect the environment and promote social solidarity.