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National Library of Greece

Member: Society Free
Since: 06.06.2012

32, Panepistimiou Street, GR-106 79 Athens, Greece



The scope of the National Library of Greece is the concentration, organization and dissemination to the public of the written works of science and culture that is associated with Greece.

The NLG also:
  • Develops and maintains the National Collection, which includes Material that is produced in Greece as well as Material that is produced abroad, but is connected with Greece in any language and form. For this aim NLG is acting to assemble, process, maintain, safeguard and present the Material of each accessible Collection on an equal basis, preserving the freedom of knowledge, information and research.
  • Develops activities relative to with its aim to aid the cultural and intellectual life of Greece.
  • Operates as national bibliographic centre and is recipient of the law of deposit Material.
  • Draws up and publishes the retrospective and running National Bibliography as well as the lists of manuscripts (printed or many other form) that belong in its Collection.
  • Provides the national services of international numerations, particularly of books (ISBN), periodical publications (ISSN), music (ISMN).
  • Represents the country in relative international bodies.