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Member: Silver
Since: 30.06.2011

294, Leof. Kifissias & 27, Navarinou, GR-152 32 Halandri, Athens, Greece

FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council)

FSC certification for PressiousArvanitidis
PressiousArvanitidis has been a certified member of the FSC "Chain of Custody" since 2010 and is recorded in the FSC member database. To date, it is the only Greek company in its sector with FSC certification.

FSC certification actively proves PressiousArvanitidis inclusion in a global team of companies in the vanguard of protecting forests from unchecked exploitation.

What is the FSC?
The Forest Stewardship Council is an international non-governmental organization founded in 1993 with the aim of supporting the sustainability of forest use and is the most credible organization involved in responsible forest management. Its mission is to ensure that socially and economically responsible forestry.

What does the FSC do?
The FSC "Chain of Custody" is a comprehensive procedure that ensures products comply with FSC standards, from the source of the timber through the supply and production chain to the final product. All parties involved in the process must be certified members of the FSC and the final product only receives the FSC stamp after independent verification of compliance along the chain.

What are the benefits of FSC-certified documents?
The benefits arising from the procurement ad use of FSC-certified print products are many:
  • FSC-certified products reflect respect for the highest standards of environmental and social sensitivity.
  • The use of FSC-certified products contributes to sustainable enterprise in the markets and assures that environmentally-sound and socially-fair policies were applied at al stages of the paper's production before reaching your market.
  • Membership in the FSC Chain of Custody ensures that the concept of corporate social responsibility's is not exhausted in mere public relations gestures but is adopted as part of a company's commitment to sustainability in its practices.