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Member: Silver
Since: 30.06.2011

294, Leof. Kifissias & 27, Navarinou, GR-152 32 Halandri, Athens, Greece


PressiousArvanitidis is a company with an established eco-friendly policy and as a member of the Eurocharity "Green Economy" network actively proves its dedication to sustainability in both its internal company practices and the products it offers its clients.

PressiousArvanitidis has not rested on the laurels of its certification by TUV Austria and applies the Environmental Management Standard (ISO 14001) since 2009.

PressiousArvanitidis's is the only graphic arts and printing company in Greece that offers its clients eco-friendly practices and policies. These are assured by the company's participation in the Forest Stewardship Council which certifies paper as the product of socially and environmentally responsible forestry. PressiousArvanitidis thus  ensures that its clients meet the social, economic, and cultural needs of the current and future generations.

In this manner PressiousArvanitidis -the only Greek graphic arts and printing company with FSC membership- is a valuable link the FSC "chain of custody". The company also urges its colleagues to join this chain and become members of a global team of groundbreaking companies who are creating a protective shield against rampant exploitation of forests and the environment.

Thanks to these actions and practices, which are part of the company's day to day operations, PressiousArvanitidis helps minimize its activities burden on the environment and also complain with current legislation. Such practices include grey water management, paper and materials waste recycling, as well as the adoption of environment-friendly policies in employees' travel and commuting. Through the example of these innovative actions, PressiousArvanitidis staff urge others to "print their mind" with respect for the environment.