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About Global Sustain:

Global Sustain offers innovative professional services related to sustainability, corporate responsibility, responsible investing, green economy, business ethics and excellence, transparency, human rights and accountability. Its mission is to create awareness, inspire and support companies and organizations in sustainability, through advisory, communications, networking and training, guided by the people-planet-profit concept. Its members include corporations, non-governmental and non-profit organizations, municipalities and local authorities, academic institutions, media, professional bodies, service providers, chambers, think tanks and other public or private entities. Global Sustain owns the popular daily updated portal www.globalsustain.org, it is active in social media, offers advisory services, produces multi-stakeholder publications, a comprehensive e-newsletter, facilitates networking among members (M2M), organizes events and the ESG & Sustainable Finance and Sustainability Forums, a training, networking and professional development event, supporting  companies and organizations in formulating and executing their sustainability strategy. Global Sustain is a signatory to the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact and TCFD and a GRI Data Partner and Gold Community Stakeholder and a member of the CEO Clubs. Global Sustain maintains offices in Athens, Berlin and London and has presence in Brussels, Nicosia and New York (for more info please visit: www.globalsustaingroup.com | www.globalsustain.org | www.esgconference.com | www.sustainabilityforum.gr).

  • Πρακτική Άσκηση στη Διεύθυνση Υποστήριξης Πελατών της Global Sustain

Η Global Sustain ψάχνει ένα άτομο για πρακτική άσκηση που να ενδιαφέρεται για θέματα εταιρικής υπευθυνότητας και αειφορίας. Τα κύρια καθήκοντα του θα είναι να παρέχει υποστήριξη στην υλοποίηση των υπηρεσιών προς τα μέλη της εταιρίας.